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Water heater issues 

Common water heater issues we see in Fort Worth area homes include:


A leak doesn’t only happen with standard water heaters. If you notice puddles of water underneath your tankless water heater or even drips along its sides, you should consider having it checked by a professional water heater technician.


Water heaters are constantly exposed to water and air, which leads to oxidation and rusting. Rust may start out small and inconspicuous, but you should still let a professional inspect it before it starts to eat at the metal and corrode the whole water heater.

Temperature Issues

The heating elements or components of your water heater are bound to show signs of failure overtime. This can be observed if it doesn’t deliver hot enough water, if the water temperature drops while in use, or if it doesn’t deliver any hot water at all. Such issues may require some adjustments, or it may mean that the heating elements need to be replaced.

Odorous Hot Water

The smell is caused by bacterial or fungal infestation in the water heater. This is a serious problem since it can lead to different health issues, especially skin diseases. As such, you will want the help of a technician to flush and clean the water heater at least once every year.

Discolored Hot Water

When the hot water that comes out of the tap or shower is dark or discolored, this may mean that the water heater’s anode has dissolved or developed rust and needs to be replaced.

Banging Noises

Strange noises coming from the water heater may mean several things. One, there is a large sediment buildup in the tank (the noises being caused by the sediment burning as water is heated) and second the heating element is disintegrating. Cleaning the water tank to flush out the sediment is a solution for the former, and replacement may be necessary for the latter.

These problems require the immediate attention of a professional Fort Worth water heater technician. Failure to do so can result in poor water heater performance, complete water heater failure, and even health issues. If you notice any of the above signs, give us a call and we’ll send someone over to check your water heater ASAP.

Our team of water heater specialists are ready to help you resolve any issues.  

Schedule your water heater quote today by calling us at 817-470-0118. 

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